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Hydrotherapy is when a treatment session occurs in a specialized heated pool. OT sessions in the pool creates a dynamic environment, the water enables the utilization of many new activities and movement.  The warmth and pressure of the water allows the bodies muscles to relax, eases the pain in  joints, and deep helping you move with more freedom and feeling of safety. 

 Water exerts 30 times more deep pressure stimulation on the body than air. Water surrounds the body with equal pressure on all parts that are immersed.   The water can be used to provide resistance to moving joints.

In common with other forms of matter, water has certain physical properties which include mass, weight, density, buoyancy and Hydrostatic pressure. These properties positively affect; vestibular difficulties, sensory difficulties and processing, physical difficulties, and help with emotional, social, phycological, educational and cognitive issues.

Hydrotherapy is defined by the dictionary as “the branch of therapeutics that deals with the curative use of water” and “the treatment of physical disability, injury, or illness by immersion of all or part of the body in water to facilitate movement, promote wound healing, relieve pain, etc, usually under the supervision of a trained therapist” (Dictionary.com, 2022). Hydrotherapy refers to treatments and exercises that are performed in the water for the purpose of relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic benefit. Adapted aquatics techniques can also emphasize and build swimming skills, modified to suit the individual’s needs (Teske, 2018).

Therefore making Hydrotherapy in water a versatile therapeutic modality. 


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