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Horticulture Therapy


Horticulture Therapy is the use of plants and the natural world as therapy, to improve the social, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the individuals who participate in it. The colors, textures, smells, and sounds that come from working with nature stimulate senses. Senses are used to gather and respond to information about the environment and aids in survival.

Horticulture therapy is used to rehabilitate lost skills, improve memory, improve co-ordination and balance, lessen stress and build social interaction. It encourages and assists in making choices, following instructions, working to a timeline, social interaction, figure ground, cognitive, spacial perception and many more. Seniors who are commonly stressed by health, loneliness, or grief can find a sense of relief from working with plants.

Horticulture therapy is used to enhance an individual’s well-being through active or passive involvement in plant and plant-related activities. People who get involved in gardening often experience a deeper sense of belonging and connection with nature.